Who am i?

This journey began as an ambition of photographing the world through travel and experiences until I began filming and photographing weddings. Since then, my goal isn’t documenting…it’s telling the story that is presented so elegantly in front of me. I’ve always found that the most influential way to experience life and live it to the fullest is to let it sit on the mirror of a camera, and be able to live it over and over again until your heart is content. Memories are partial, motion picture is complete.

FUn Facts!

  • I LOVE the ocean and anything related to a beach or really anywhere exotic from the southwest United States.

  • I’ve always wanted to film a destination Hawaii wedding (hint hint).

  • I’ve been photographing since I was 14.

  • My favorite music genres include EDM and alternative (ODESZA, Adventure club, Hozier).

  • Yes I still do photography and am passionate about that area of creation, but video has become my lovely niche that has taken me over whole heartedly :)

  • This passion of art in visuals has turned from a career into a lifestyle in which I am able to tell not only the story of others, but also my own and I think that’s really special.

  • I work with some of the most amazing people in the industry and I truly think of them as my best friends.

  • I truly love this life. Not “this work” because it isn’t work in the connotative way that work is supposed to be forced or unenjoyable. This life is full.